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Born with a passion for the French West Indies, this travel agency offers you particular destinations, discovered during Gabriella Mégroz's and Frédérique Vernet's own trips!

Gabriella Mégroz

Gabriella worked for 10 years at Lufthansa, the German airline, in Geneva, making her capable of handling most of the subtleties in an airline. She then went on to a travel agency named Artou, to round out her knowledge of the travel business.
After having a break for a couple of years to take care of her family, she returned to the field, opening a travel agency specialized in the French West Indies, her true passion.

Frédérique Vernet

In the travel domain since 1995, she was trained at Artou Travel Agency where she met Gabriella Mégroz. After a couple of year at STA Travel as manager of the agency, she was hired by Abyss Scuba Divers to perfect her skills as a Tour Operator.
To make share with you her travel knowledge and places she has visited around the world, she decided to team up with Gabriella Mégroz and create

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