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Scuba Diving

For those who are not "immersed", or haven't dived before, it is time to jump in the water and try it!
The warm waters of the Caribbean are exceptionally transparent and show you amazing brightly colored sites.
With the team of
Pisquettes, you dive with small, personal groups. You will discover a microcosm of the Caribbean in a warm and relaxed atmosphere with Françoise and the diving instructors Claire, Cédric, Cyril, Eric and Petian.

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In such warm and crystal clear water, you will appreciate the special offerings of this sea and its unique underwater sceneries, including sponges with extremely varied shapes and colors, sea fans who flow with the current, a multitude of fish whose intense color diversity competes with the sponges, ... groupers, angelfish, octopus, barracudas, trumpetfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, boxfish, damselfish, rays, parrotfish, murays, lobsters, scorpionfish, sergeantmajorfish, triggerfish, pufferfish, eagle-rays, seahorses, ... Don't forget the turtles, who are more and more present at Les Saintes dive sites.

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The tortured volcanic relief is found again in the majestic underwater scenery ... cavities, arches, peaks, caves, walls, tormented canyons, gaps, tables, ... and don't forget the famous Sec Pâté (N2 divers or AOWD minimum required), where you can attend the merry-go-round of large predators as: wahoo, trevally, snappers, ....
A small underwater paradise barely touched !
From March to May, humpback whales come often through the bay accompanied by their calfes. Their song amplified as they are under the water will not fail to retain your attention.

Underwater pictures credit: Claire Jeuffroy