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For getting around, nothing is better than your feet! The nearest beach (Figuier) is a 5-minute walk from Paradis Saintois or Lô Bleu, while the farthest (Crawen, Pompierre or Rodrigue) are just 20-30 minutes walking …
We particularly recommend
Rodrigue, Pain de Sucre (especially in the morning, because of the sun), Figuier, Pompierre (before 11 am), Anse Mire (during the afternoon) and Crawen (but not on rainy days, because of the dangerous mancenilliers trees). Do not hesitate to ask your host which beach they suggest, as they are all differently predisposed and attuned …

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Would you like to discover underwater scenery without getting wet? Try transparent kayaks, stand up paddles, semi rigid canoes or small electric catamarans with a glass bottom!

You already visited les Saintes from north to south, from east to west, as well as underwater, and you wish to observe it from a new vantage point ?
Let's go climbing !

Pioneers of climbing in the Caribbean,
Caraïbes Escalade will help you discover Pain de Sucre and Baie Morel from another angle !

From beginners to confirmed climbers, and even children from 5 years old, you will experience the happiness of climbing and ziplines ...