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Les Saintes, FWI

An archipelago of islands, situated between Guadeloupe, FWI and Dominica, EC, floating as if between heaven and earth ... Les Saintes.

Discovered by Christopher Colombus in the beginning of November 1493, the islands were named Los Santos in honor of All Saints’ Day. Alternately occupied by the English and by the French, it was only in 1816 that Les Saintes became definitively French.

These small islands are made of rocks and cliffs, with many peaceful and well preserved white sandy beaches. A warm welcome from les Saintois will, without any doubt, charm you, and make your stay unforgettable.

Made of two small islands - Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas - and of some islets, les Saintes will take you by surprise and much more!

Les Saintes le port Les Saintes Les Saintes village

The arrival at Terre-de-Haut will take your breathe away: the roads, as everyone will remind you, are classified as the third most beautiful roads of the world. The island is gorgeous, and well-appreciated by skippers.
The small village is a veritable jewel made of creole houses magnificently dispersed around the harbor, giving an architectural uniformity to the village.
A craggy relief and a lacking rain pattern prevented the establishment of an agricultural culture, restricting, consequently, the number of slaves.
The Saintois people are, historically, descended from the French Poitiers and Bretons. They are great fishermen with their "Saintoise" boats, and will regale you with their catch !

Les Saintes Terre-de-Bas Les Saintes Terre-de-Bas Grande-Anse Les Saintes Terre-de-Bas

Less known and less frequented than its neighbor, at Terre-de-Bas you will find yourself predisposed to hiking through green vegetation (La Trace du Dessus de l'Etang - 45 minutes - and La Trace des Falaises - 3 hours). Otherwise, the magnificent beach, Grand-Anse, is just one of her charms !

And, in order to enjoy this charming outlook, two addresses:

Le Paradis Saintois and Lô Bleu.